Ocupação Anchieta-Grajaú

Doações no PIX para Claudia Regitz Montenegro 309.677.198-79

Eu estudei com ela na escola e é por isso que confio no trabalho dela. Um trabalho que ela fez: Monografia apresentada na PUC-SP

Vídeo youtube | Reportagem BBC

English readers: I know Claudia from high school, this is why I trust her for this donation for charity. The above number is an brazilian only ID and I don't think that you can donate from outside Brazil using it. For people who don't know Brazil and can't read portuguese, she is helping people who cannot afford a proper home and are living in poverty conditions. She is managing the donations and goes there in person to deliver them.

I don't have anything else to add here. I'm citing two other women that are worth citing here. Yvone Bezerra de Mello and Jane Elliott. The first is brazilian and works with children who live in extreme poverty conditions. The second is american and fights racism. The only thing that I can say here is that I admire both.

I hope I can make a proper page and add more projects here in the future. As a last note. Be aware that not everybody that is asking for help really needs it! Sometimes you may find people who are extremely good at faking, pretending, lying and they abuse / exploit / take advantage of your donations! Know the people that you trying to help before doing anything!

There is an organization called "Instituto Anchieta Grajaú". I don't know if it's the same charity for which I donate and Claudia helps with.

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